Author: Rakesh Singh

Can we overload main method in java?

Interview Question – Can we overload main method in java programs, for example in below class Sample, public static void main(String[] args) is given, that is the start point of the program. So, can we write more methods with same name i.e. main (method overloading)?     Answer: Yes, we can overload main method in…

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What are methods of object class in java? – with description

Methods of Object class in java with brief descriptions – The java.lang.Object class is the super class of all classes  whether the class is predefined or user defined class. Object class is by default inherited whether we extend explicitly or not. Methods of object class in java : protected native Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException public boolean equals(Object…

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MCQs – SQL Basics

MCQ –  Basic SQL multiple-choice questions with answers for written test in software job interview in IT companies.   Q) Which statement is wrong about PRIMARY KEY constraint in SQL? The PRIMARY KEY uniquely identifies each record in a SQL database table Primary key can be made based on multiple columns Primary key must be…

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