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  1. THanks to compiling such awesome material and especially i love the “Notes” section at end of each blog which covers points that is not in other websites.

    • Hi Raju, Thanks for your feedback. Design patterns are in process. Regarding OOPs concept, i am continuously pushing. Can you be specific what you are looking for in oops concept and or if you want in any specific language?

  2. C# – Nice Explanation with simple examples to better understand concepts.
    Please add Design patterns .It would be of great help.

  3. Hi Rakesh. Thank you so much for doing this, I really enjoy going through the problems on this website. However, I’d like to point at a solution which might require some correction:

    in the section C++ programming -> pointer and references – >page 7:


    class X{


    int main()
    X *xPtr[5];
    xPtr[0] = new X();
    xPtr[1] = new X();
    xPtr[2] = new X();
    xPtr[3] = new X();
    xPtr[4] = new X();

    return 0;

    Then what is difference between delete xPtr and delete [] xPtr ?

    Answer: Both will de-allocate memory, delete xPtr will call destructor only once but delete [] xPtr will call destructor 5 times that is for every object of the class.

    Correction: the program will crash at run time when it executes “delete xPtr” since xPtr is a pointer to the first element () of the array, and the array is created on the stack. I’ve tested it. Please verify once.

  4. This website is awesome resource for C++ interview QA.
    Answers are well-explained and provided with examples for better understanding. I would like congratulate Mr. Singh for such an awesome Website.

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