MCQs – SQL Database

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2019)

MCQ – Multiple choice questions on SQL Database with answers and explanation. Many of the objective questions are asked in IT jobs written interviews.


Q)Combination of primary key with foreign key forms
  1. Parent child relationship between the tables that connect them
  2. Many to many relationship between the tables that connect them
  3. Network model between the tables connect them
  4. none of them
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Answer: A

Q)Match SQL language with SQL commands

1)DDL    i)Revok, Grant
2)DML   ii)rename a table
3)TCL    iii)insert, update
4)DCL    iv)rollback , commit

  1. 1-iii,2-i,3-ii,4-iv
  2. 1-iii,2-ii,3-iv,4-i
  3. 1-ii,2-iii,3-iv,4-i
  4. 1-i,2-iii,3-ii,4-iv
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Answer: C

Q)Types of SQL Trigger is/are in SQL database
  1. DDL
  2. DML
  3. LOGON
  4. ALL
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Answer: D
DML triggers fire with insert, delete and update operations
DDL triggers are executed with operations like creating a table
Logon triggers fire when a login connects SQL Server instance.

Q)Which is not DDL (data definition language) operation
  1. Renaming a table
  2. SQL create table
  3. Add a column to an existing table
  4. Update data into a table in SQL database
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Answer: D
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