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(Last Updated On: May 11, 2018)

FlipKart Careers – find job opening in for freshers and experienced at FlipKart, apply for IT jobs and submit your resume online.THERE’S AN OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERYONE

We are a community of diverse teams and talented individuals. All playing different yet significant roles, all working fervently towards creating better customer experiences, all driven with a thirst for innovation. And in that dynamic, fast-paced community is a cornucopia of opportunities, for you. Pick a team, find your opportunity and get in touch with us.

View the page and search the job with keyword like “software trainee” and “software development engineer” etc. You will get a list of job titles, click job title and hit apply.


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What is the technology stack used at Flipkart? – Quora

Flipkart has a very heterogeneous stack for a relatively young technology company (2.5 years). The technology choices are made by each team, using the principle “Which tool solves our problem best”. There is no central group of people/archit…