Interview success story – Failure to Success – by Sovan Panda

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Got a job and really feel great as a software engineer. Shared my failure to success story!!!
I’m, thankful to Rakesh Singh Sir, the author of for proper guidance that fetched me job in 5 months only.

I’d love to share my failure to success story: Here you go…

Today I am sharing my life’s failure stories. I was not an excellent student but an average one. When I completed my B-TECH, then I got a BPO job from my college. That time, I was in completely in depression situation. I was not understanding what the next steps should I take.

I decided that I will go GOVT. jobs or GATE preparation. But, still another part of my heart says that after completing these preparation, if I could not get any job and did not make a good rank, then what will be the next that I will say to my father. Various type of questions was sparking to my mind. At that time, I got someone on who is really lucky for me. This guy is having 13 years’ experience in software field. He said to me that I will not take a single penny from you and cannot provide you any job. But, I can guide you properly and make you fully prepared for job interviews.

But that time, I thought for what he would prepare me, I know all things and well prepared and just not getting a job. But, just I decided to start my journey with him and started to learn from him. When I started to learn, I understood that I have no any idea and even no basic knowledge on programming .

He started guiding me every way to get the job quickly. Everything I learned from him. He taught me just like his son till I got a Job. I really thanks you too much sir. Honestly saying what I am today is all because of you .I continuously follow and learned from this website that is authorized by my him. He also provided me a free account on site as  to showcase my skills to recruiters and companies where I put my all 200+ practices program. This really had a great impact in interview.

I just want to share you that we should not lose your hope. Focus and putting continuous effort in right direction produces 100% result. At last. we must welcome failure and learn from them and improve them. A great opportunity is waiting for you. You just make prepared for yourself and you will reach at your destination for sure…. Facebook.