for loop in java

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Learn for loop in java programming with program examples and explanation with special notes. Demonstration of infinite loop and for each loop with java code are included.


  • two formats syntax of for loop with example
  • Infinite for loop
  • Special note – semi colon after for ();{}
  • for each loop

Syntax of for loop in java
for(initialization; Boolean_expression; update/ increment/ decrements part)

Code example:



Above code can also be written as below. notice that increment of variable in happening in body of the for loop in inside bracket e.g. for (n = 1; n <= 10; // missing)



Infinite for loop

Below syntax run a for loop for infinite time.

Code example:



Be careful with semi column [; ] after for () bracket before body. for example, for (n = 1; n <= 10; ++n);

Below code will execute for 10 times but will not go inside loop body.


Below scenario Leads to hang if we use semicolon as for (n = 1; n <= 10;);{}.
In this scenario, increment is not written in for(), but in body.



For each loop in Java

Simplified version of for loop. Good use with collection.

Java code: