Author: Rakesh Singh

Rakesh Singh is an international published author and IT professional with 17+ years’ experience in software industries and founder of Interview Sansar.

He has expertise of multiple programming languages, software design and Architecture. Rakesh has a passion to create a quality and high performance software.

Rakesh has started Interview Sansar website to help people find his dream software job quickly, whoever frehsers or experienced professionals.

Author’s Published 2 impacting books for you: Published them on Amazon world wide and Flipkart.

IT Jobs Made Easy for Freshers

IT Jobs Made Easy For Freshers

Experimented Tips and Strategies To Help You Get Jobs Fast In The IT Industry!

This book I wrote for fresh graduates who struggle to get a job Off-campus or On-Campus.

I researched and experimented, how can I help them get a software job in shortest time possible.

Even though no body can guarantee 100% to give a job but, when I provide them my guidelines, ALL (100%) got job in less than 5 months.

OOP Concepts Booster

Book: OOPs Concepts

This book I wrote to help people get strong hold on object-oriented programming concepts and become experts in less time, even though it takes years of experience and practice.

Mainly, when programmer write bad code structure, it costs to both the company and programmer. So, wanted to help coder learn write good code and maintain their work life balance.

How this website help?

Interview Sansar provides real technical / programming interview questions asked in software industries in various programming languages viz C,C++, Java, C# and many more. This interview preparation website should be a complete package for your software job interview preparation and has been continuously updated.

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