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Abstract method example C Sharp program

Abstract method example C# program –

  • Abstract methods don’t have body, they just have method signature.
  • If a class has an abstract method it should be declared abstract, the vice versa is not true, which means an abstract class doesn’t need to have an abstract method compulsory.
  • If a regular class extends an abstract class, then the class must have to implement all the abstract
   * Abstract method example java program 
abstract class CompositeMath {
	 * These are i.e.AreaofCircle(int r) and AreaofRectangle(int l,int w) are
	 * two abstract methods which need to be implemented in the child/derived
	 * class
	public abstract int AreaofCircle(int r);
	public abstract int AreaofRectangle(int l, int w);
	public void Display() {
		Console.WriteLine("The return results are:");
class Mensuration : CompositeMath {
	 * In case if we don't provide implementation to these methods then program
	 * will throw compilation error
	// implementation of first abstract method
	public override int AreaofCircle(int r) {
		return (int) (3.14 * r * r);
	// implementation of 2nd abstract method
	public override int AreaofRectangle(int l, int w) {
		return l * w;
// client class
public class Maths {
	public static void Main(String[] args) {
		// passing the reference of the base class
		// in order to call implemented methods
		CompositeMath cm = new Mensuration();
		Console.WriteLine(cm.AreaofRectangle(5, 6));


The return results are:

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