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List of C# basic interview questions for freshers with best answers and notes asked in software job interviews. | Only Real

Write code for interface implementation in C#

Answer includes concept for interface implementation in C# with example. Also, it includes example of multiple interface implementation. Answer: C# Interface inheritance or implementation is a simple concept object oriented programming. Let’s understand in a simple word.  We create an interface having one or more unimplemented methods in it. A class implements this interface, meaning,…

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What is C# interface? How to implement interface in C# code?

Answer: C# Interface contains properties, methods, and events etc. as we have in classes. But interfaces only contains declarations and no implementation. A class which inherit an interface is responsible to implement all the methods or items presents in the framework or user interface. To create an interface in C#, we use “interface” keyword. For…

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What is implicit interface in C#? How explicit interface is different than implicit interface?

Answer includes implicit interface in C# programming with example and will also differentiate with explicit Interface implementation. In an interview, we need to explain both by program example and not with the definition only. Answer: In C#, an Interface can be implemented implicitly and explicitly. Here is the explanation of both implicit and explicit interface…

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