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List of Interview Questions on Java for freshers and experienced candidates asked in technical job interviews in IT Industries. This list includes interview questions asked to freshers, 2,3 and 5 years etc. experience professionals | Only Real.

This section contains technical java interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced on java Polymorphims, Java OOPs concept Inheritance, Interface, abstract class, abstraction and encapsulation, classes and objects etc. with impressive answers and explanation. In fact, interview question on many topics I have provided that you should read or brush up that help crack java technical java interviews quickly.

What is null pointer exception in java ? How to prevent?

Answer includes, null pointer exception in java with example when it can occur in programs and how we can prevent it. Java interview Question: What is NullPointerException? Tell me some examples when this exception can occur in java programs. How would you prevent null pointer exceptions? Answer: null pointer exception is a run time exception…

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What is abstraction in java oops? – Easy way

Abstraction in Java is just a concept, and abstraction meaning is “Provide necessary information’s only to clients/users and hide unnecessary details. As an abstraction example, consider a login windows where only User Id and password is enough for users and we don’t need to give responsibilities to users to connect database and validate if credentials…

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What is Encapsulation in Java – Best Answer

Answer includes concept of encapsulation in java oops with various java encapsulation examples with programs. Answer: Encapsulation in Java is one of the oops principles that is used for hiding complexities in programs. NOTE: Many candidates answer to this interview question “What is encapsulation in java” like wrapping the class member fields into a method…

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What is polymorphism in Java ? | Interview Question – Nicely answered

Answer includes, what is polymorphism in java and how polymorphism achieved in java oops and a format how to answer this question in a technical interview to make impressive answer. NOTE: On asking what is polymorphism in java technical interview questions, many people just give one line answer that polymorphism in java is the ability…

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What to prefer if Java Interface and Abstract class have abstract methods only?

Technical interview question is if an Interface and abstract class in java both contains only abstract methods then what would you choose or prefer between java interface and abstract class and why? This is true that abstract class can have a method implemented into it, but, the restriction is that it also contains only abstract class.…

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What is Constructor overloading in java? explain with example

Constructor overloading in Java is similar to method overloading. When we create more than one constructors in a class with different number of parameters and types, it is called as constructor overloading in java oops. Note that constructor overloading is done in the same class and it comes under implementation of compile time polymorphism in java…

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