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Networking interview questions and answers with example for all languages i.e. C, C++, C# and Java etc. asked in IT Industries.

What is public and private IP address? – Real Scenarios

Public and private IP address explanation with example and real time scenarios. Public IP Address: Public IP Address is the IP that is unique and visible to the world. For example, “” website has a unique public IP address. Actually, Public IP addresses are registered by Internet standards groups e.g. NIC (Network Information Centre) and…

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What does bind() function do in TCP/UDP server?

Answer: Bind() function in socket programming is used to associate the socket with local address i.e. IP Address, port and address family. int bind(int sockfd,struct sockaddr *servaddr,int addrlength); There could be many combination of IP address and ports e.g. (, 6400), (, 6500), (, 6600) and so on, a server can use. Let’s say we…

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