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Notes on core Java programming on various basic and complex topics e.g. oops, polymorphism, inheritance, interface and abstract etc. in fact on various important topics with description, explanation and program examples.

Method overriding in Java with 4 real time examples

Learn method overriding in java language with 4 real time examples. All examples are simulated with working pseudo programs and explained scenario. Method overriding in java oops is run time polymorphism and is always implemented in inheritance relationship. Inheritance relationship can be in between base class and derived class or between interface and its sub…

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Loose coupling and tight coupling in java – Comparison Example

Notes on loose coupling and tight coupling in java with example. Example of tight coupling and loose coupling in java will be demonstrated with same program and outputs for better understanding between their difference. Tight coupling will be implemented using concrete implementation of classes and loose coupling will be achieved by using class and interface. loose…

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