What is UML Diagram- Unified Modelling Language?

Answer: The UML (Unified Modelling Language) Diagram is a standardized modelling language of describing, designing and documenting a software system in object-oriented software engineering. There are many UML diagrams like Class diagram, Sequence diagram & Activity diagram etc. that are used to model software system, behaviour and business processes of the system. Major goal of … Read more What is UML Diagram- Unified Modelling Language?

What are two main categories of UML diagram?

Answer: Two main categories of UML diagram are Structural and Behavioural diagrams. These diagrams explain the static and dynamic characteristics of the system. Structural diagram shows static characteristics whereas Behavioural shows dynamic. For example Structural Diagram: Class, Object & Package diagram etc. Behavioural Diagram: Use Case, Sequence & Activity diagram etc.