Freshers FAQ And Study Resources for IT Jobs Preparation

Fresher’s FAQs during Job hunt: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. You’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications here. Fresher’s FAQs during IT job hunt Object Oriented Programming Object-Oriented Programming book: OOP Concepts Booster This book will give you deep knowledge about OOPs concepts in shortest time possible. SQL … Read more

SQL Database Topics for Freshers IT Job Preparation

Here is the SQL database fine blended topics list for freshers that must be prepared for your first IT Job interviews preparation. This list is taken from the book “IT Jobs Made Easy For Freshers” by Rakesh Singh. SQL TOPICS: Database: create, drop Table: Create, drop, insert, update, select, delete, alias, re-name and truncate. Constraints: … Read more

Freshers FAQ during IT jobs hunt

Fresher’s FAQs: Many fresh candidates get questions and doubts during IT job hunt. Here you’ll find the questions and answers for clarifications: Q) Can a fresher negotiate salary? Answer: At the fresher level most, companies follow their standard and does not go for negotiation. But, Yes, a fresher can negotiate salary with some supportive reasons. … Read more

Check Your OOP Concepts Level with these Questions

Did you finish learning oops concepts? TEST your skills & check your level in OOPs concepts by answering these following fine blended object-oriented programming questions and boost it fast with OOP Concepts Booster. Code Examples: Q-1) What can be the issues if you delete a base class method if a subclass overrides it? For example, … Read more

Replace oracle function

Learn how to replace matching string with another string using replace function with example queries. REPLACE function replaces a search string with replacement string. Syntax string_expression-is the string to be replaced. string_pattern– is the string that will be searched for in string_expression. string_replacement(optional)– All occurrences of string_pattern will be replaced with string_replacement in string_expression.If the … Read more

Placeholder Attribute in HTML

Learn how to write a short hints in the input fields for user understanding when filling any application. Placeholder Attribute in HTML- Placeholder is an attribute that places in the input html tage for example <input placeholder=”text”> text Specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of theinput field Placeholder Describes a short hint … Read more