Interview success story – Never give up – by Chandan Yadav

Chandan Kumar Yadav a fresher software engineer shares his success stories, pains and efforts during job search. He got 100+ rejections in IT industries but never give up and finally he got a great success.

He set an example that people should never give up and have great determination.interview success story by chandan



Here he speaks his heart…


I got my first job after more than 100 rejections. (Yes it is more than 100 rejections, but I have count till 90-95.) I really don’t know where to start and where to finish. So it’s better, I will tell you my journey so far how I started and where am I now.


I remember almost all the interview experiences (Yes, I mean it). I am 2016 B. Tech pass-out with all through 70% plus. Yet somehow, I managed to maintain it. I am definitely not a very bright student, but not dumb also. I do know how to manage available resources. I reached Bangalore ‘Mecca of the IT students’ on 10th Dec’ 2016 at 5:30 AM with a hope of getting a job within 2 months. I came here and met with some of my college friends whom I would really call my friends. In the very beginning, I was just enjoying Bangalore life and then I got my first good interview call for IBM in the month of January’2017 and I got rejected.


List of my efforts…

interviews attempted by chandan

I too gave Amcat and eLitmus like others but AMCAT score was not very good and the eLitmus score was horrible. Then slowly and gradually I started realizing the truth, but I was still not serious. Yes, I had cried in nights knowing that I don’t have a job and I am not giving my 100% to get one. I had watched “pursuit of happiness” which made me cry. Although I was going for interviews I was not doing a proper study in my room which was a big reason for ‘not getting selected’. After 10-15 rejections, I realized the importance of keeping yourself ready according to interview. I had never joined any coaching institute in Bangalore because of their price tags. (But I am not discouraging you from joining, go ahead and join if you feel It will help you.)


After giving some interviews, I got ideas and experience of how I can clear initial rounds. Then from the months of July, I become little serious. Now, I was able to make till technical rounds, but still, it was not enough. My English and confidence were not that good at that time. And due to this, I was not able to clear some of the good companies’ interviews. I also did freelancing content writing for one month which helped me improve my English and writing skills. I was constantly improving my resume and email writing so that It becomes easy for me to get an interview call. I was always getting at least 3 or 4 calls in a month. I was too lazy to go for interviews, sometimes I left interviews just because I didn’t feel like wake up at 8 AM and go for the interview.


After I became serious. I did well in many interviews but got rejected at the end of the day because of my bad luck and tough competition. I was almost through the Huawei and IMSHealth (now it is IQVIA) but got rejected. Huawei’s HR didn’t find me good for QA but wanted me to test for dev/test so he told he will call me next week for one more round of interview, but that week never came. I don’t have good experience with Huawei because of other 2 interviews. ImsHealth (IQVIA) rejected me in HR because they had only 2 vacancies and we are 8 of them in the end. Like this many companies rejected me, but I had not given up yet. I was getting stronger and better day by day. I have given almost all kinds of interviews and for all kinds of the profile. Starting from voice support to Programmer. Whether it was Business Analyst, Quality Analyst, Data Analyst, HR, Technical Support, Desktop Support, ASE, software engineer, developer etc. Now, it was January 2018, my family started saying get any job and start your career. Situations were not same anymore. I was able to clear technical rounds also, but I was getting rejected in MR/HR. I had returned to Bangalore after staying for one month at home. Again, I returned on 10th March, I had missed Infosys drive because I didn’t apply for it due to my stupidity.


Anyway, I returned and this time, things were absolutely different, I only had a one-month expense in my pocket and I had to get a job to support my living in Bangalore. I had not studied for almost a month. So, I took one-week time to revise and again I started applying for jobs. I already had the premium membership of Freshersworld(Yes, they do give calls for good companies). I applied as 2016 and 2017 to many companies. I was like search and apply. Attend any interview you are getting. I got a call from Accenture for Business Operations profile. I attended and cleared the interview. But CTC was very less. I kept them on hold and kept searching on for better options.

I had interview calls for almost every alternate day. I was like a hungry dog who had not eaten anything for many days. Then I got the IPsoft Global Services interview on 3rd April and it continued till 4th April due to the number of students. After giving 5 rounds of interview, they kept me on hold. I was frustrated after reading my interviewer’s feedback. I was able to read one line of feedback which said “2016 pass-out”. I had scolded Manager throughout my returned journey from ITPL to silk board. After keeping me on hold for 2 days, I got the offer letter on 7th April. Now I had 2 offer letter and I was looking for 3rd offer letter from MAQ whose final skype interview was scheduled to happen at 4 pm on that day. But I got rejected.


And finally, I joined Ipsoft and declined Accenture’s offer.


I am not very happy, but I am ok now. Atleast now, I have something and I am self-dependent. Now, I am focusing on my future goal. I also got my first salary this week.


In the end, I would suggest you take time and master one or two skills and work more on your communication skills. This is very important in IT sector. As a fresher, they don’t expect much from you. Don’t give up easily. First, learn to stay in the fight and then fight. You will win for sure.


Wish you all a good luck…!!!

By Chandan Kumar Yadav

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