New Book: IT Jobs Made Easy for Freshers

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

Hello fresh graduates,

Try the experimented tips and get your dream job in less time!

It’s a RECORD – All who followed it, got their job in 5 months from ZERO preparation.

I’ve piled them into the book “IT jobs made easy for freshers” and published Amazon worldwide.

Jobs in less time? How can I say Confidently?

I know the competitive world well, On-Campus or Off-Campus. But…

For long years, I experimented being with fresh graduate on how to get a job in less time.

When…I taught them, all got job in 5 months. YES ALL – 100% result.

I found that:

  • there’s always been a job opportunity for you.
  • you can prepare for job in less than 3 months with right strategies,
  • and grab a job in record time.

I’m 17+ years’ experienced software professional and have interviewed hundreds of candidates as a technical panel.

I can say for sure… It’s not your capabilitybut it’s your wrong approach that stops you to get a job leading frustrated life.

Getting your dream job is easy if you know…

  • what recruiters, organizations, and job portals are looking for.
  • what subjects are enough and what to select to get you job, so, you can finish in less time.
  • how to create an effective recruiter’s friendly resume that fetch interview calls,
  • what you should do during and after an interview, so you should not waste time,
  • how to distinguish yourself from the crowd etc. In fact. Many more…

All included in the book IT jobs Made Easy For Freshers. In brief: you’ll learn

  • 50+ Practical tips to help you get jobs in the IT industry in record time
  • Smart strategies to help you prepare for job interviews
  • Actionable tactics to get more interview calls
  • How to fine-tune CVs and cover letters to get noticed
  • How to gain the confidence to impress any interviewer
IT jobs Made Easy For Freshers

REMEMBER: Being unemployed decreases the chances of getting hired! –  Big risk of putting you in deep depression and financial pressure.

So, why to invite risk, if you’ve capability and can get your job and good life in less time?

Start taking the right approach right now!


(Few amazon reviews are available as it’s a new book. Why don’t you leave your honest one?)

Check Out Some Successful Candidates:

This candidate, prepare for job in 3 months staying at home town, moves to electronic city and grab a job in 1 month with a great salary. She saved BIG money & time for her staying in the city for job hunt.

This candidate was already trained. Even in Covid situation, after my guidance, she got a job within 1 months( work from home).

Get your software job faster!

About the Author


Rakesh is a highly experienced software professional and he has taken tons of interviews of freshers and experienced candidates as a technical panel in the hiring process and given quality candidates to IT companies.

He is also coding lover having decade years of experience and passionate about designing and developing quality software. He has designed and developed many top industry products.

He wrote another impacting book for your Career Growth: “OOP Concepts Booster

book OOP Concepts Booster

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