MCQs – SQL Join and SQL View

MCQ – Multiple choice questions on SQL join and SQL view with answers and explanation. These SQL join and view mcq are asked in Software jobs written interviews.


Q) The SQL join which does Cartesian product is called?
  1. Left Join
  2. Left Outer Join
  3. Right Outer Join
  4. Cross Join
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Answer: D

Q) Which SQL Join is used for joining the table itself?
  1. Left Join
  2. Self-Join
  3. Natural join
  4. Left Join
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Q) Advantages of View are
  1. Security
  2. Query re-usability
  3. Abstraction – hiding data
  4. All
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Q) SQL Views are also known as
  1. Complex tables
  2. Simple tables
  3. Virtual tables
  4. Actual Tables
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Answer: C

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