Which method is used to create a daemon thread?

Answer: setDaemon(boolean value) – Set it to “true” to make thread as a daemon thread. Notes: It is mandatory to call this method before thread start() method. All threads created by a programmers are user threads/normal threads unless you marked it as a daemon thread using the method setDaemon(boolean value). Example:  

Can we overload destructor of a class in C++?

Answer: No, destructor of a class in C++ cannot be overloaded. Only one empty destructor per class should be there. It must have a void parameter list. Destructor in C++ neither takes any parameters nor does it return anything. So, multiple destructor with different signatures are not possible in a class. Hence, overloading is also…

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How can you prevent object copy in C++?

Answer includes how to prevent object copy in C++ of a class with a simple example using copy constructor and assignment operator with C++ program example. Answer: There is a simple trick that we can apply in C++ class that is by making copy constructor or assignment operator private, we can prevent copy or assignment…

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We have 50 classes and out of these we want to make 10 classes noncopyable, means, we cannot copy or assign objects of same class type. How would you achieve this? Note that we cannot change the body of classes.

Answer: One of the solutions is, create a separate base class, say “NonCopyable” and make copy constructor and assignment operator declaration private leaving constructor and destructor public or having default constructor. When we create object of existing class it will first call the constructor of base(NonCopyalbe) class then existing class. Same will happen for copy…

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