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  1. Gone through few articles, found it very useful.

    If you can include or share with me at least for now, if you have some links for below things which will be highly helpful for me.
    1) Mutex vs semaphore >>> Asked in many interview and interviewer never get satisfied with my answers or i get stuck at his cross questioning on the same.

    2) Smart pointer implemenation : unique, weak & shared pointer if you shared some links too will be helpful.

  2. THanks to compiling such awesome material and especially i love the “Notes” section at end of each blog which covers points that is not in other websites.

    • Hi Raju, Thanks for your feedback. Design patterns are in process. Regarding OOPs concept, i am continuously pushing. Can you be specific what you are looking for in oops concept and or if you want in any specific language?

  3. C# – Nice Explanation with simple examples to better understand concepts.
    Please add Design patterns .It would be of great help.

  4. Hi Rakesh. Thank you so much for doing this, I really enjoy going through the problems on this website. However, I’d like to point at a solution which might require some correction:

    in the section C++ programming -> pointer and references – >page 7:


    class X{


    int main()
    X *xPtr[5];
    xPtr[0] = new X();
    xPtr[1] = new X();
    xPtr[2] = new X();
    xPtr[3] = new X();
    xPtr[4] = new X();

    return 0;

    Then what is difference between delete xPtr and delete [] xPtr ?

    Answer: Both will de-allocate memory, delete xPtr will call destructor only once but delete [] xPtr will call destructor 5 times that is for every object of the class.

    Correction: the program will crash at run time when it executes “delete xPtr” since xPtr is a pointer to the first element () of the array, and the array is created on the stack. I’ve tested it. Please verify once.

  5. This website is awesome resource for C++ interview QA.
    Answers are well-explained and provided with examples for better understanding. I would like congratulate Mr. Singh for such an awesome Website.


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